Mutual Learning about how to "bridge"
Employment and Inclusion strategies, actors and actions through social economy experiences.

European Anti-Poverty Network - Castilla La Mancha - Spain (EAPN-CLM)

EAPN-CLM is a significant network in Spain. The network was set up in 1994 and played an important role in re-founding the Spanish EAPN. In 2006, the EAPN's General Assembly meeting took place in Toledo.

Nowadays, EAPN-CLM has a team of 18 persons in three offices in his community. They provide services to 45 NGO's which are included in structure of EAPN-CLM, give support to the social investigations in local administration, improve the network strategy and innovate projects.

EAPN – CLM works in different areas, from research, communication, public relation, social inclusion's projects and other actions concerned at immigrants, better quality and access to the social services, employment, technologies for the NGO's, structural founds until the participation of persons who live in poverty. The website address ( is a nice way to show what they do.

Moreover, EAPN – CLM cooperates within the territorial community in different fields and very often works together with national foundations, community banks, city halls and the other social platforms of Castilla-La Mancha.


European Anti-poverty Network - Castilla La Mancha - Spain
Av. General Villalba, s/n Pabellón 8
45003 Toledo
Tel: +34 925 257 921
Fax: +34 925 257 921

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