Mutual Learning about how to "bridge"
Employment and Inclusion strategies, actors and actions through social economy experiences.

Anti-Poverty Information Centre (EAPN - Bulgaria)

Anti-Poverty Information Centre is an independent NGO, coordination unit of EAPN Bulgaria. The main fields of its activities are economic policy, poverty alleviation and social inclusion. It is engaged in review, analysis and recommendations in the fields of unemployment and active labor market policies. The Centre has accomplished social assessments of the pro-employment policies and has elaborated strategies for development of ethnically mixed municipalities in economically depressed regions; it has actively participated in the elaboration of Bulgarian JIM, NAP/incl. and Operational Program "Human Resource Development"; its representatives take part in the National Social and Economic Committee, in the Review group on Social Inclusion of EAPN Europe, in the work on social economy of OECD Trento centre and EMES network and teach social policy and social work at Sofia University.


Anti-Poverty Information Centre (EAPN - Bulgaria)
159 "Rakovski" str.
1000 Sofia
Tel: +359 29885448
Fax: +359 29885448

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