Mutual Learning about how to "bridge"
Employment and Inclusion strategies, actors and actions through social economy experiences.

International Labour Office

The International Labour Office through its STEP program provides institutional, technical and financial support to this project.

STEP is a global programme for combating poverty and social exclusion. It is active in two interdependent thematic areas: one related to the extension of social protection to the excluded and integrated approaches to social inclusion.

STEP's actions in the field of social protection are placed in the broader framework of combating poverty and social exclusion. It gives special emphasis to improving understanding of the phenomena of social exclusion and to consolidating integrated approaches at the methodological level which endeavour to reduce this problem. STEP pays special attention to the relationship between the local and national levels, while at the same time contributing to international activities and agenda.

STEP combine different types of activities: studies and research; the development of methodological tools and reference documents, training, the execution of field projects, technical assistance for the definition and implementation of policies and the development of networking between the various actors.

The programmes' activities are carried out within the Social Security Policy and Development Branch of the ILO, and particularly its Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for all.

In Eastern Europe, a team from ILO STEP located in Budapest, Hungary, runs a project with the support of the French Government, targeting 5 countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania) and aiming at empowering actors to fight social exclusion, which includes the dissemination of CIARIS in the region.


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