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Social Fairness Package 2018

Data: Mar, 27 2018

 The Social Fairness Package, released on 13 March 2018, is the only social policy measure foreseen in the European Commission Work Programme for 2018, and has been described as ‘the last major social initiative of the Juncker Commission’. Its explicit purpose is to be a next step in the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, formally adopted by Member States, as well as by the three EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, and Council) on 17 November 2017. 
The main elements of this Package are: an overarching communication about the monitoring of the implementation of the Pillar, and proposals on extending access to social protection to all workers and establishing a European Labour Authority. The two latter are based on public consultations, carried out at the end of 2017. Reports of the responses to these are also part of the Package (see below). A third proposal, on a European Social Security Number, has been delayed to later this year. This Briefing provides an overview of the main proposals (soft and hard law) and an initial assessment of each.

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